DIRT Photo edition

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As you may know, I shoot over 100k pictures across Canada and the United States every year. Yeah, it’s a lot of pictures and a lot of time away from home. Some of my photos are posted in magazines worldwide and on websites, but many of them have never been seen by the public. Who had the chance to be there when Ryan Villopoto won his last championship in New Jersey? Who saw James Stewart’s last great performance in Toronto in 2014? I’ve had the chance to shoot the best riders in the world. I love Photography, but i love motocross even more. Thats why i have decided to put out a special photo edition. I thought it would be cool to share some of the greatest moments I’ve witnessed over the past years. I’ve done my best to keep this issue clean and simple, so you guys can enjoy the other side of what you see on TV. I’d like to thanks everyone for the support. While I was working on this issue, DIRT surpassed over 900K read. Keep getting dirty!!