Chad Reed signed with JGR

At 36-years-old, Chad Reed is still at it. The Australian, who turned pro in 1998, made his name in indoor Supercross events “My experience with the team at the Ironman National was awesome,” Chad Reed says. “The race went better than I personally thought it would, because I wasn’t in 100 percent race shape. I achieved my personal goals. Since

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Geneva Supercross Night Two Results

SX1 Overall 1. Justin Barcia2. Justin Brayton3. Christian Craig4. Vince Friese5. Jordi Tixier6. Valentin Teillet7. Cole Seely8. Gregory Aranda9. Fabien Izoird10. Khousith Vongsana11. Xavier Boog12. Nicolas Dercourt13. Gaetan Le Hir14. Kevin Ballanger15. Joen Cros16. Nicolas Aubin17. Cedric Soubeyras18. Zach Osborne King of Geneva 1. Justin Brayton 20-172. Christian Craig 17-153. Justin Barcia 9-204. Vince Friese 13-135. Jordi Tixier 11-116. Cole

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